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As the railway traffic will increase in the following years, the railway actors have to care about the increase in energy consumption and propose new technical solutions to answer to this future demand of traffic increase. For this, a technology change in the railway electrical system is necessary and becomes possible through the integration of innovative devices in energy storage, of new systems of renewable energy production, and of an optimization of network architecture. The CONIFER project fits in the Smart grid innovative area and aims at answering these topics. Such a transformation of the rail network requires the prior development of tools which allows the modeling of future electrical smart network. That is the reason why CONIFER proposes to anticipate the evolution of the production and the distribution of electrical energy in the railway field and to provide tools that will focus on two levels.


The name CONIFER evokes nature and the environmental sustainability which is sought by optimizing the usage of energy and minimizing its footprint.  It stands for (in French) “Conception et Outils iNnovants pour un réseau électrique Intelligent appliqué au FERroviaire” which in English translates to Innovative concept and tools for smart grid applied to railway transportation.