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For the first level of study, it aims to propose a sizing for Fixed Installations of new Railway Electric Traction (IFTE) (electrical substations, catenary ...). The future hybrid IFTE will integrate delocalized production sources and storage systems which will include additional features to enhance the recovery of braking energy of trains. Thus, CONIFER will propose a tool which will be used to obtain and optimized design for the future hybrid IFTE, accounting for the constraints related to the substation, the reliability and the good complementarity of the considered components. Finally, the future hybrid IFTE, associated with an intelligent energy management, will allow to get a new element for the design of the future railway power systems (more efficient in terms of energy).
For the second level of study, the project CONIFER will focus on the design of the future electric railway networks in an intelligent overall approach. For the sake of simplicity, the considered network will be a reduced network (a railway line). In order to provide a global optimised solution, the approach will be based on a systemic view of the network. This “system” approach of the future power supply network will require to consider the conversion components between the energy transportation network and the power supply network, as the hybrid IFTE previously dimensioned, the catenary and the trains running on the track. The Smart aspect of the network will result in a new architecture and a management strategy of sources of production and storage constituted by the hybrid IFTE.